Speculative Fiction South East 2015

Hello World! I’m getting ready for a flurry of conventions and meetings while hammering out my next book. Posting my schedule for my next conference — SF:SE 2015 — below for anyone who will be attending. Feel free to come say hi, ask questions, and generally hang out. It’s going to be an excellent gathering for anybody interested in writing or publishing. See you there!


5 pm Panel – I Got This

6 pm Panel – You’re in My World Now, Grandma


11:30 am Panel – Fear Itself

1 pm Signing

2:30 pm Panel – Kickass Heroines

4:30 pm to 6:30 pm Signing Party

6:30 pm Panel – 4th Degree Tearing


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Down Days

We all have down days. Days where our usual optimism and hope are far away and beyond reach. Days when all you want to do is sleep until the next day in case it is better, even when nothing bad is actually happening. I’ve struggled with these down days for most of my life. My past doctors have referred to them as depression and possible bipolar disorder (depending on which doctor).

I’ve woken up for months on end, miserable at the prospect of opening my eyes. I haven’t taken medicines in over twelve years; they made me feel sick and the side effects were awful. They made me feel less morose but also less happy. No lows but no highs either. Granted the world of antidepressants has improved vastly in the last decade, but part of me doesn’t want to ask for the help. Why? Because it means admitting I’ve failed to manage those endless streams of down days.

I loathe failing. I feel like it means I’ve disappointed everyone around me. It makes me feel like a horrible waste of space and resources. It makes the down days turn dark and angry. So what do I do instead?

I fake it. I fake it until the down days grow less sad and insecure. I put on a happy face and muster as much excitement over things I doubt will ever happen and play a role. I play the giddy geek and latch onto a fandom that brings some connection to hope, no matter how ridiculous; if it makes me feel good for a little bit instead of empty and numb, I dive in without knowing how to swim.

I write. I put all my darkest fears and insecurities and thoughts into creating a world full of people I can control. I make heroes using the traits I wish I possessed and villains using the ones I fear I do have. I kill off people who make me feel small in horrific ways and cry over the ones who hold a part of me when I kill them so I won’t feel as helpless or lost.

I do not self- harm. I have long ago and that’s when I went to the doctors for help. I needed the pain to be real. I don’t now; that pain only harmed the ones I loved. Most of them still have no idea how close I came to choosing to end it. How many goodbye note I wrote or how much I wanted to sleep forever.

I have drank myself unconscious hundreds of times in the hope of not waking. I’ve mad choices I knew I’d regret because I hated myself. And I stopped. I quit drinking because it became a crutch I was abusing and I wanted to be a person worthy of the love of my wife. I’ve done my best to manage my down days without too much fuss, whether they come for a few days or two months. I get up, get dressed, force myself to eat, and go to work. I do my best to live my life. I try to find hope when I feel nothing inside. When I love my wife and family and friends but I’m still apathetic towards everything. Sometimes the food has no flavor and the music has no passion and your soul feels dead. Those are the down days.

But sometimes the down days go away. And then the color comes back into the world and you’re not faking it anymore; you genuinely feel again. You feel joy and laugh or sorrow and cry. Sometimes both. You feel connected to people and hope blossoms and brings renewed energy and zest. That is why I keep fighting my down days. Because on those days, the world is new and I’m thankful to still be a part of it. And on those days I realize how much my leaving would hurt those I cherish most. Those days make me realize how selfish it is for me to consider bringing that suffering onto my loved ones when I can always ask for help.

I’ve been in the midst of a downswing for weeks, but I keep fighting it. I’d rather keep fighting than surrender; I don’t have to win, only draw. I’ve gotten less done lately than I’d planned, but at least I’ve done something. My down days have made me sick and exhausted and irritable and numb. But they haven’t made me quit. I know I can ask for help and it will be there. I know that I can get through each day because I’ve already gotten through thousands just as bad. Some far far worse. I encourage anyone else having a down day to do whatever they can to keep fighting as well. It gets better. If only for a little while here and there, it does get better.

Splendid Reviews for Boredom Kills: A Serial Killer Love Story

My fourth book was released on July 15th and the response has been excellent. By the end of it’s first day Boredom Kills: A Serial Killer Love Story ranked number 161 in the serial killer crime fiction category on amazon. There are already five wonderful reviews. Thank you to everyone who took the few minutes to leave such glowing feedback! You are all lovely people and I owe you each a hug.

Read the reviews below or go to


to read them online.

on July 15, 2015
Is it weird to call what is fundamentally a horror novel where the ‘heroine’ is a serial killer enjoyable? Because it is. This book is unlike anything else I’ve read. It maintains the promise of its unique setting with quick paced turns at every chapter. It takes a certain suspension of disbelief to immerse yourself into the story, and also a decided lack of empathy; but once you get there you have a lot of fun. There’s nothing predictable about the characters or the love story.

The little details, inconveniences and humor of everyday life support what could otherwise be a very gimmicky plot. The writing isn’t burdened with trying to make you like or root for the main character, it flows naturally from the carefully constructed story. You’re not going to be bored, and you’re definitely not going to be able to put it down.

on July 16, 2015
This story keeps you guessing the whole way through. Will she get away with it? Will he ever find out? Will she choose Eric over her new hobby? The fun thing about this book is getting inside Jenny’s head and seeing her struggle between her dark secret and a normal life with friends and Eric. Though you may wonder how you could ever relate to a serial killer, Melissa Gibbo does a great job making that happen. If you’ve ever had a crappy customer service job, if you’ve ever struggled with a hard choice to give up one thing you love just to keep another, if you’ve ever thought about how the world would be better off without a certain scumbag, you just might find yourself sympathizing with Jenny Grand.
on July 15, 2015
As a test reader, you sometimes get first crack at something amazing and this time Melissa Gibbo delivers that for sure. This newest novel does something extraordinary in the world of Serial Killers. She has hers literally hiding in plain sight. In the ultimate game of Cat and Mouse for this genre, Gibbo has her antagonist dating the Cop who is not only hot on her trail as a killer but inflamed with passion as her lover. Plot twists abound, great characters and action move the reader into a dark and twisted realm. With this book, the pages turn themselves.”
on July 16, 2015
Melissa is talented beyond words! Love between Jenny and anyone is a surprise that will shock you. I never thought she had it in her to love
anyone. The love she finds with Eric is both shocking and awesome! It keeps you on your toes wondering if Eric will find out her secrets, past and ongoing. Melissa hooks in her readers and then slowly reels them in through the under currents and ripples of what she is writing. Check it out! See if Eric and Jenny have a future. Be prepared for a surprised ending!
on July 15, 2015
Jenny is a serial killer. And I’ve never had more fun reading about one. Melissa really brings out the subtle humanity in the killer, showing us that they’re not so different from us. The fact that Melissa managed to actually turn it into somewhat of a love story as well really shows her experience as an author. Most enjoyable horror novel I’ve read as of recent. 10/10 would kill again.

Boredom Kills: A Serial Killer Love Story is out!

This thrilling tale of love and murder has been released in paperback and eBook to rave reviews. In the first day, Boredom Kills hit #161 in the serial killer crime fiction category and has achieved a 4.7 of 5 star rating. Thank you so much to Mitch Hyman, Nathan Millington, and LR for taking the time to leave such spectacular feedback!

Book Information:

The story of a woman who becomes a serial killer only to find herself dating one of the police officers on her case. Will Jenny Grand be able to continue her murderous exploits without consequence? Will she find love with Officer Eric McGill? Or is it too late for her?

The first 6 chapters can be read as a free sample here —


This is the fourth book by Melissa Gibbo. It is the first book not a part of the well-received Nova Nocte Series.

*No serial killers or cats were harmed in the writing of this novel

boredom kills release day rankingBoredom Kills alt cover 2

An Excerpt from BOREDOM KILLS – Coming out July 15th

Boredom Kills alt cover 2

Chapter 1

The heat from the blood was invigorating as it washed over her hand. It gushed from the wound and over her blade, bringing purpose to the killer as much as the scent of pennies. She had finally done it. Jenny had made her first kill.

The smallish woman stared into the frightened eyes of her victim; the scrawny girl was only sixteen and until this moment thought herself invincible. The girl tried to scream but the air was leaking from the hole in her lung. Jenny allowed herself a smile as she pushed the blade of her knife further into the teen’s torso.

Jenny could see the pain and fear welling up in her victim’s wide eyes. She turned the blade. No one would save her; the killer chose this part of the jogging trail for its privacy. The sun wouldn’t rise for another ten minutes and the next runner wasn’t due to arrive for twenty.

The petite murderess withdrew her weapon like a man finishing a one-night-stand. Jenny knelt and slashed diagonally across the side of her throat. Another beautiful font of crimson.

Jenny wiped the blade on her dying victim’s Lycra shirt. She leaned over her target and held eye contact as she cleaned her reddened hands with sanitizer and a water bottle; Jenny saw the light go out of the girl’s eyes while she used the sweat towel to dry off.

This was what it felt like to find your life’s ambition. To know what you wanted to do when you grew up. Jenny thought of how people described falling in love and knew that she had done the same. She loved her victim for being her first, for showing her how good life could be. Jenny picked up a small stone from the trail and slid it into the pouch around her waist. She would always remember her first murder.

Jenny picked up the tree branch she’d placed nearby and brushed the area she’d walked in all the way to the paved trail. She walked briskly snapping pieces off the branch and tossing the bits away. Her tool was discarded five minutes before she saw another person. Jenny waved at Officer McGill as she passed him; he was on schedule as always.

Jenny finished her light workout and continued her day as usual. The only difference was the small stone she’d placed on her bookshelf and the feeling of accomplishment when she watched the news report of a body discovered in the park. Life was good for Jenny as she dressed for another day working customer service.

What’s missing from the new publishing paradigm

A great post. Read, enjoy, & share with others.

Matthew Wright

I can’t help thinking that the last five years have been dramatic for the traditional publishing model. You know, the multi-barrier one where, to get published, you had to first attract an agent. Five years ago, a lot of writers’ blogs featured their representative, even if the writer was unpublished – but to even get an agent was a mark of status.

My books in the window... Yes, this is an entire shop window filled with books written by me – 14 out of my 52 titles.

All that’s gone. As has the debate over ‘traditional’ (old paradigm: status) versus ‘indie’ (old paradigm: amateur/unpublishable). In some senses it’s opened the door for anybody to publish anything – what Chuck Wendig calls it the ‘self-publishing shit volcano’. But there’s also good stuff that would have been welcomed in the trad system.

I don’t think the old system has gone – I still publish through it. But it’s…

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Why do we want to meet Actors and Authors?

I’ve been puzzling over the appeal of meeting a favorite actor for a few days. I think it has to do with a lot of things. Part of it is that it’s a cultural thing with fame, but I think it goes deeper. When someone is at a convention and excited to meet an actor and saying they love them or want to marry them (I’ve heard both numerous times at conventions) they don’t. What they want to connect in some way with the actor who brought a beloved character to life.

To the best of our knowledge, Harry Potter, The Doctor, Captain Mal Reynolds, the Winchesters, Spock, Darth Vader, etc. are not real. We can never meet the ‘people’ who help give our lives meaning in our darkest moments, act out our darkest desires, and generally help us to escape the rigors of daily existence. Fiction and media aids a lot of people in feeling like they are living instead of just existing. When we connect with a character in a book or film, we get inspired. We feel free. We feel vindicated or impassioned. We feel our pulses quicken and our bellies ache from laughter. We remember our first kiss, a favorite pet, our first funeral, and all the special moments we have lived or feared. Those actors and authors make us feel.

That’s why we line up – sometimes for hours – just to say hello, get an autograph or a picture, and maybe even a hug. We want to thank and meet the person who gave us those moments. We pay money to attend because they are there. Some of us bring gifts we think are cute, useful, or personal. We want the people who bring our favorite characters to life with their talent, passion, and hard work to know we appreciate them and that they’ve made our lives better.

That’s why we want to meet our favorite actors and writers. That’s why we cosplay or write fan fiction. That’s why we write fan letters and follow people’s twitter pages. Because their mastery of their craft and their dedication to the project brought ideas and thoughts – whispers of a person or adventure – to life. To us, the magic is real and these people made it so. At least, that’s how I feel.

With the Saints

With the Saints

With Cary - He will always be my Bard

With Cary – He will always be my Bard

Tom Savini & my Wife

Tom Savini & my Wife

Michael Rooker - Supreme Badass

Michael Rooker – Supreme Badass

Excellent Review (another 5 of 5) for The Complete Nova Nocte Series

Thank you to the random fan who took the time to leave this glowing review of my books. I promise I am writing many more things for you to enjoy. You have no idea how much your feedback means to me. It doesn’t just boost my visibility online, it motivates me to get writing more stories and with even more passion. Thank you and thank you to everyone who takes the time to leave a review for the books they read. They are vital for authors to keep pressing through the roadblocks of publishing.


on June 3, 2015
When I first saw this trilogy I ignored it for a while. I figured it was basically gonna be another story with a teenage girl who falls for the sexy male vampire just this one would be in the ZA I was wrong. First off it is a real ZA book filled with zombies and a good amount of gore although not enough to detour people who aren’t into that stuff. The vampires we see aren’t just some good looking people with fangs they aren’t invincible either. they have powers and the other usual stuff such as being unnaturaly strong and fast. however what I really liked about the vamps was how Cal explained it early in book one as they aren’t magic just a different species. yes they are originally human not aliens or anything like that. the characters in this book were amazing. They weren’t perfect people but their flaws seemed realistic. Unlike in alot of ZA books where a leader is unstable and making constant mistakes and eveyone is just fine with that. also both of the vamps were awesome. Anyways people should give this series try and I hope the author writes something new soon

Free month of Audible & a free novel!

To celebrate the release of my second audiobook, I am posting two links to a free 30 day trial at audible.com. If you enjoy audiobooks, this is your site! Great for summer travel, the gym, or just because. Please enjoy, share, and review.

In the months following an outbreak of zombies, a young woman called Squirrel unites with the few living people she meets to survive. Not all of the people are human; a pair of vampires must join the budding community in light of the decimation of their source of nourishment. As time passes, the community must learn to function despite their differing species, beliefs, and personalities. Alliances are easily made, but trust is harder to maintain.

After The End: Book One of the Nova Nocte Series



Quarantined in Chaos: Book Two of the Nova Nocte Series


Book Two in Nova Nocte Series

Book Two in Nova Nocte Series

Thoughts on “Conversion Therapy” (Pray away the Gay)

I wonder why it’s socially okay to have conversion therapy and yet people talk about the gay agenda and recruiting. I’ve never had someone come to my door and ask if I want to become a homosexual. I have had people tell me I should join their faith because it is the only way to make God happy. The one and only way to be a good person and clearly by not joining, I’m a sinner who needs to be fixed.

That being said, I wonder why no one has thought of opening a Gay Recruitment Center. Seriously, it would be a place to sign up for week-long LBGT vacations. Cruises, B&B weekends, camping trips, Vegas trips to see shows, fashion shows, and the like. For adults who are unsure of their orientation, they can sign up for a program to explore the social aspects and possibly dating scene for one week at a time. First thing on the agenda is a seminar on LBGT history (Stonewall, GRID, etc). Yes, each program comes with an agenda instead of an itinerary.

There can be gyms and 5k runs for the fitness folks, cruises for those who want to go mellow, concerts of Gay Icons, drag shows, lessons on fashion and makeup, learning to navigate a Home Depot, or How to locate the nearest U-Haul for your second date.

The next part is learning how to come out, getting local PFLAG contacts, and if needed being helped to find a new place to live and help finding a job to support yourself.

From there it’s mostly a mixer and group vacation.

Imagine instead of being told you need to Pray Away the Gay you could go to the GRC and plan a trip with others who will welcome you with open arms. Since so many narrow-minded people think it’s already a thing, why not just make it real? Own the concept and make it your own. It’s just a thought.